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ScrapingBee is helping us scrape many job boards and company websites without having to deal with proxies or chrome browsers. It drastically simplified our data pipeline Russel Taylor Russel Taylor CEO @ HelloOutbound

Solid proxies, affordable pricing

With ScrapingBee you pay a fixed price per month. And ScrapingBee begins at a fair $29 per month, relative to Oxylabs' unreasonable rates. See for yourself!

Unlimited bandwidth

ScrapingBee price structure is easy. You pay for a fixed number of request per month. No need to worry about the bandwidth, the domain name or the location. Learn more about our pricing.

Only pay for successful requests

Oxylabs will charge you as soon as the first bytes comes in or out. We don't think it is fair considering that some website can block you and still consume a lot of bandwidth. This is why ScrapingBee only charge for successful requests.

485000 requests / mo.
ScrapingBee $99 Contact us
1 credits per request 100k+ IPs / Unlimited bandwidth
Oxylabs $
0.2 MB per request $15 per GB

ScrapingBee is simpler.

Our easy-to-use API helps you to get every HTML page with a quick API call. Don't waste your time dealing with the annoyance of various proxy type, proxy areas, website whitelisting, refresh time and IP blacklisting. We take care of this.


Our API is simple to use, simple to integrate and simple to understand. It is a standard REST API, you give us a URL, you will receive HTML. It just works.

Proxy mode, just in case

If you can only work with regular proxies, we got you covered. Our newly launched proxy-mode allows you to use our API like any other proxy provider. You can learn more about it here.


Conservative pricing. Radical power.

Hassle-free web-scraping API.

Smart routing

Our system will always pick to best possible combination of proxy type, location, and parameters for your request. This is why we can achieve a 98% success rate.

Javascript rendering

Having to deal with headless browsers is hard, especially at scale. We take care of it so you can focus on the important thing, the data.

Captcha avoiding

We know how to avoid CAPTCHAs so that you never see one when using our API.

Javascript execution

Clicking a button, closing a popup or scrolling a bit can be really useful when doing web scraping. With our JavaScript snippet feature you can do this on the web-page you want to scrape.


World-class support & documentation

At ScrapingBee you’re not simply a ticket number. We’re always here to give you personalized and responsive help.

Amazing documentation

Our documentation was written with one idea in mind: allowing you get you started in minutes!

Knowledge base

Our extensive knowledge base covers the most frequent use cases with code samples.

Code samples

We understand that your time is valuable. This is why for every feature, we wrote custom snippets in seven different languages, so you can get started in minute.

Exceptional support

We know how frustrating it can be to ask for help to a silent wall. We will go out of our way to help fix your issue, by live chat or email.

Scrapingbee helps us to retrieve information from sites that use very sophisticated mechanism to block unwanted traffic, we were struggling with those sites for some time now and I'm very glad that we found ScrapingBee. Anton R ★★★★★ CTO (see it on Capterra)
ScrapingBee simplified our day-to-day marketing and engineering operations a lot . We no longer have to worry about managing our own fleet of headless browsers, and we no longer have to spend days sourcing the right proxy provider Mike Ritchie CEO @SeekWell
So easy to set-up, straightforward and performance. They are reachable and kind, they introduced us properly their tool and offered the best solution for our need. Maxime Y ★★★★★ Product Manager @ NordFolk (see it on Capterra)

Simple, transparent pricing.

Cancel anytime, no questions asked!

API Credits
Concurrent requests
JavaScript rendering
Rotating & Premium Proxies
Screenshots, Extraction Rules, Google Search API
Priority Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Team Management
Freelance $49/mo
Startup $99/mo
Enterprise $999+/mo

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