ScrapingBee alternatives for web scraping?

ScrapingBee is the most efficient web scraping API out there. Let's see how it compares to the other big names.

Before ScrapingBee we used Luminati. Our bill started to explode quickly with their residential proxy offer. We were always afraid of how much we were about to pay at the end of the month. We don't have to worry anymore.

Service API Proxy Mode Geolocation Price per GB Minimum monthly commitment Success Rate ** Average query duration **
$0* $49 98% 3.14s
$0.1 $500 95% 5.12s
$0.5 $50 95% 6.23s
$0 $180 94% 4.52s
$15 $300 96% 5.13s
Proxyscrape (free)
$0 $0 45% 13.6s
Freeproxycz (free)
$0 $0 25% 12.73s
* request-based pricing, ** benchmarks available here and here, ***60 ips offer


Conservative pricing. Radical power.

Hassle-free web-scraping API

Smart Routing
Our smart routing algorithms will choose the best proxy for your requests, every time, ensuring an 98% success rate.
Javascript Rendering
We render Javascript pages using headless browsers so that you don’t have to manage servers, memory leaks and docker containers yourself.
Captcha Avoiding
Our stealth browsers won't trigger CAPTCHAs, ensuring that your get you data, no matter what.
Proxy mode
Our newly launched proxy-mode allows you to use our API like any other proxy provider. You can learn more about it here.

ScrapingBee is helping us scrape many job boards and company websites without having to deal with proxies or chrome browsers. It drastically simplified our data pipeline.

Developer experience

World-class support & documentation

At ScrapingBee you’re not simply a ticket number. We’re always here to give you personalized and responsive help.

Amazing documentation
Take a look at our documentation and get started in minutes!
Knowledge base
Our extensive knowledge base covers the most frequent use cases with code samples.
Code samples
No matter what programming language you love, we got you covered with code samples in Python, Ruby, Java, PHP and Go.
Exceptional support
Get quick answers to your questions via email and live chat. Pierre and Kevin are always here to help you.


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you’re going to pay.

Most popular


$ 99 /month
  • 1 000 000 API Credits

  • 10 concurrent requests

  • Javascript Rendering

  • API Store

  • Priority email support


$ 249 /month
  • 2 500 000 API Credits

  • 40 concurrent requests

  • Everything in Startup

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China Aerospace Blog

I regularly use ScrapingBee to gather the data I need for my blog posts about Chinese aerospace. It allows me not to worry about sourcing the right proxy provider and to focus on writing valuable content


"We use ScrapingBee to extract real-estate listings from dozens of websites. ScrapingBee API helped us focus on our core-business instead of managing headless browsers by ourselves. "

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