From Ninja to Bee

It's not a big change so you might wonder what's wrong with the Ninja?

Why did we fall in love with the Bee 🐝?

First, our company is based in France.

We have strong legislation regarding trademark and domain name usage.

Before launching ScrapingNinja we brainstormed a lot of different names, look at the different available domain names, and checked in different databases like and other European brand databases to make sure our domain/brand was unique.

We found nothing so we moved forward with this name.

Two months after launching, another French company with a similar name as ScrapingNinja emailed us and kindly asked us some questions about this process.

They told us our name was close and sounds similar, and that it could be confusing for the end-user.

That's why we decided to make that change, and the Ninja became a Bee 🐝