Tired of getting blocked while scraping the web?

The ScrapingBee web scraping API handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for you.

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Render your web page as if it were a real browser.

We manage thousands of headless instances using the latest Chrome version. Focus on extracting the data you need, not dealing with inefficient headless browsers.

Latest Chrome version Fast, no matter what!
ScrapingBee simplified our day-to-day marketing and engineering operations a lot . We no longer have to worry about managing our own fleet of headless browsers, and we no longer have to spend days sourcing the right proxy provider Mike Ritchie Mike Ritchie CEO @ SeekWell

Render JavaScript to scrape any website.

With JavaScript rendering, a simple parameter enables you to scrape any web page, even single-page applications using React, AngularJS, Vue.js, or any other libraries.

Custom JavaScript snippet All JavaScript libraries supported
ScrapingBee is helping us scrape many job boards and company websites without having to deal with proxies or chrome browsers. It drastically simplified our data pipeline Russel Taylor Russel Taylor CEO @ HelloOutbound

Rotate proxies to
bypass rate limiting.

Thanks to our large proxy pool, you can bypass rate limiting while scraping web pages, hiding your bots and reducing the chances of being blocked.

Large proxy pool IP geolocation Automatic proxy rotation
ScrapingBee clear documentation, easy-to-use API, and great success rate made it a no-brainer. Dominic Phillips Dominic Phillips Co-Founder @ CodeSubmit

Six ways to use ScrapingBee for web harvesting

Wondering how our customers use our web scraping API?

From a general web scrape to JavaScript rendering, our simple API does it all.

1. General Web Scraping

ScrapingBee web scraping API works great for general web scraping tasks like real estate scraping, price-monitoring, extracting reviews without getting blocked. documentation

2. Data Extraction

Getting HTML is cool, getting formatted JSON data is better. Thanks to our easy-to-use extraction rules, get just the data you need with one simple API call. learn more

3. JavaScript scenario

If you need to click, scroll, wait for some elements to appear or just run some custom JavaScript code on the website you want to scrape, check our JS scenario feature. learn more

4. Screenshots

Need a screenshot of that website and not HTML? You can do this very easily with our screenshot feature. We also support full page and partial screenshots! learn more

5. Search Engine Result Page

Scraping search engine result pages is extremely painful because of rate limits. Thanks to our Google search API, it's now easier than ever. learn more

6. No code web scraping

If coding is not your thing, you can leverage our Make integration to create custom web scraping engines without writing a single line of code! learn more

You're in great company.

500+ customers all around the globe use ScrapingBee to solve their web scraping needs.

Scrapingbee helps us to retrieve information from sites that use very sophisticated mechanism to block unwanted traffic, we were struggling with those sites for some time now and I'm very glad that we found ScrapingBee. Anton R ★★★★★ CTO (see it on Capterra)
So easy to set-up, straightforward and performance. They are reachable and kind, they introduced us properly their tool and offered the best solution for our need. Maxime Y ★★★★★ Product Manager @ NordFolk (see it on Capterra)
I'm a PhD candidate with absolutely no web scraping experience and needed to scrape some data for a dissertation project. ScrapingBee helped me get the job done quickly and easily. Excellent customer support too. Couldn't be happier! Sam ★★★★★ PhD candidate (see it on Capterra)
Great SaaS tool for legitimate scraping and data extraction. ScrapingBee makes it easy to automatically pull down data from the sites that publish periodic data in a human-readable format. Andy Hawkes Founder @Loadster
I regularly use ScrapingBee to gather the data I need for my blog posts about Chinese aerospace. It allows me not to worry about sourcing the right proxy provider and to focus on writing valuable content Jean Deville Founder @DongFang Hour
Fantastic service: works flawlessly, best support I've experienced. It just works: and its parsing meta-language is wonderfully powerful. Most importantly, the support I've received has been superlative. Mike P. ★★★★★ VP (see it on Capterra)
Good experience. I found this proxy service more effective compared to previous ones that were being used. It is fast and efficient. Aayushi ★★★★★ Senior analyst (see it on Capterra)
Excellent service, glad we made the switch! We could always dedicate resources and build our own systems for everything... or we could simply call the scrapingBee API and focus on the data. It's makes our work so much easier. Daniel L ★★★★★ Lead dev (see it on Capterra)

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API Credits
Concurrent requests
JavaScript rendering
Rotating & Premium Proxies
Screenshots, Extraction Rules, Google Search API
Priority Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Team Management
Freelance $49/mo
Startup $99/mo
Business + $599+/mo
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Developers are asking...

What happens if a request fails? We only charge for successful requests, i.e returning with a 200 or 404 status code.
I need more than 8,000,000 credits per month ! We got you covered! Just contact us at contact@scrapingbee.com, we will chat and create a custom plan for you!
I need to scroll or click on a button on the page I want to scrape No problem, you can pass any JavaScript snippet that needs to be executed by using our js_scenario parameter. Learn more about JavaScript snippets.
I'm not a developer, can you create custom scraping scripts for me? We don't create custom scraping scripts, however we will gladly write some code snippets helping you to use our most powerful features: data extraction and javascript scenario.
What is an API Credit? Each plan gives a certain amount of API credits per month. Depending on the parameters you use with your API calls it will cost you from one to several credits. By default, each request costs 5 credits because JavaScript rendering is enabled by default. Learn more about requests costs.
What happens if I run out of credits before the end of my current subscription? No worries, we got you covered. If you temporarily need more credits, you can do two things. Either upgrade your plan for the current month. You will be able to downgrade it later whenever you want. Or you can early renew your current subscription in two clicks.
Can I cancel my plan any time? Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. It can be done in less than 30 seconds from your dashboard.

Who are we?

Developers, Developers, Developers!

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Kevin Sahin
Kevin Sahin Co-Founder

Kevin is a web scraping expert and author of The Java Web Scraping Handbook. He's been involved in many web scraping projects, for banks, startups, and E-commerce stores. He now handles all the marketing at ScrapingBee.

Pierre de Wulf
Pierre de Wulf Co-Founder

Pierre is a data-engineer. He's been involved in many startups, in the US and in Europe. Previously, with Kevin, he co-founded PricingBot a price-monitoring service for E-commerce. He now takes care of the tech / product side of ScrapingBee.

Etienne Ellie
Etienne Ellie Lead Developer

Etienne is a senior developer with a wide range of experiences. From developing a product from the ground-up at a fast-scaling startup to computer vision for the aerospace industry, he's now in charge of everything technical at ScrapingBee. He also gives some help with the trickiest support tickets.

Nizar Benshaqi
Nizar Benshaqi Lead Support Engineer

Nizar is an experienced support engineer who will go above and beyond to help with your ScrapingBee experience. Having a wide range of technical skills, he will help you fix your scraping scripts and understand how you can extract the data you need with ScrapingBee.

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