Why do we need Playwright?

Playwright is a web automation framework that allows developers to automate web applications and browsers, much like Selenium and Puppeteer. It provides a powerful, flexible, and reliable way to automate end-to-end testing, browser automation, and web scraping in Python, .NET, Java, or Node.js.

One of the major features of Playwright is its ability to support multiple web browsers, such as Chromium, Firefox, and Webkit-based Safari, out of the box, which allows developers to test their web apps on different browsers with minimal effort.

Additionally, Playwright enables users to automate headless and non-headless browsers and provides the ability to run automated scripts and tests in parallel. This leads to better performance and control over the execution process.

Due to these reasons, Playwright has made a name for itself and is a very viable alternative to Puppeteer and Selenium.

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