How to scrape Perimeter X: Please verify you are human?

While web scraping, you might come across PerimeterX. It is a service that helps protect websites from automated scraping. You can recognize PerimeterX by the "Press & Hold" and "Please verify you are a human" messages similar to the image below:


PerimeterX and similar anti-scraping tools rely on JavaScript fingerprinting and similar techniques which are hard to get around by using regular scraping frameworks.

The best way to work around PerimeterX is to make sure the server does not recognize automated requests. You can hide your automated requests by making use of undetected-chromedriver or a similar tool and pairing it up with premium proxies from a reliable proxy provider like ScrapingBee. Or better yet, use ScrapingBee's web scraping API and let us handle the task of not getting blocked.

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