Cloudflare Errors 1006, 1007, 1008: how to avoid them?

Cloudflare Errors 1006, 1007, and 1008 refer to Access Denied errors. They vary only slightly from each other. They are thrown by Cloudflare when your IP address has been banned. This generally occurs when a Cloudflare customer (the website you are trying to scrape) bans traffic originating from your IP address. They might do this when they have identified that you are trying to scrape their website.

Cloudflare Error 1006

The only way to get around these errors is to use a reliable premium proxy provider like ScrapingBee so that you can continue web scraping from unbanned IPs. ScrapingBee makes sure to rotate the proxies so no one proxy can get banned. This should help avoid 1006, 1007, and 1008 errors.

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